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Chef Celph Love Transition Guide Towards A Healthy Lifestyle

Chef Celph Love Transition Guide Towards A Healthy Lifestyle


This ebook is a comprehensive guide to transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. Inside, you will explore a wide range of healthy alternatives and gain valuable insights into the do's and don'ts of grocery shopping. Furthermore, it will provide you with important information about the chemicals and food additives to be cautious of during your grocery shopping experience.


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This ebook is in color not black and white.


This book is about all of the harmful food additives and excessive amounts of fructose that are approved by the FDA as ingredients in your children's favorite snacks. Despite being banned in other countries, the majority of these snacks still exist on the shelves in America. In this ebook, titled 'The FDA's said F#k Them Kids you will discover a comprehensive list of chemicals to avoid, gain insight into their harmful side effects, and explore healthier snack alternatives that you can either make at home or purchase for your kids.


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