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Bradford Watermelon Seeds

Bradford Watermelon Seeds


Bradford watermelon seeds, priced at just $3 per seed, available in a

Pack Of 15 Seed

Planting Guide included. Ships in padded envelopes

Free Shipping. 5-7 Business Days

Ships From Flordia


Delve into the rich heritage of the Bradford watermelon with our ancestral Bradford watermelon seeds. These seeds promise to deliver the essence of Southern sweetness and exceptional water retention.


Key Features: Taste the Tradition: Bradford watermelons are renowned for their extraordinary sweetness, offering a burst of refreshing flavor in every bite.


Sandy Carolina Soil: These seeds thrive in the sandy soil of the Carolinas, ensuring optimal growing conditions.


Family Heritage: Our seeds are proudly produced and sourced by the original Bradford family farm in South Carolina, preserving a piece of agricultural history. Unlock the flavors of the past and cultivate a connection with generations of watermelon enthusiasts. Bring home the legacy of Bradford watermelon seeds today!

Tips for growing Bradford watermelons:


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