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10 day Full body Rest

10 day Full body Rest

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embark on a transformative journey with 'The Great Full Body Detox' guide, designed to kickstart your full-body detoxification process. This comprehensive program begins with a 10-day regimen, aiming to reset your body and mind. Awaken your system and eliminate parasites through a carefully crafted plan featuring fresh green juice, raw salads, and vegetable broth. Bid farewell to oil, sugar, and salt, and strictly avoid all fruit sugars except for green apples in your green juice. This detox also incorporates herbal products and bitters that aid in killing and eliminating parasites.


Please note that a complete body detox requires more than 10 days, but consider this program as your health starter pack. Successfully completing these 10 days sets the stage for accomplishing 40 or 90 days, depending on your body's needs.


This guide provides essential steps to introduce your body to the benefits of fresh fruits and veggies. For full body regeneration, we highly recommend a 40-day fruit fast. Unlock your body's potential and embark on a revitalizing journey.

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