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Chef Celph Love

 Some may be curious where my name Celph originated from, it was actually given to me by myself. It started in 2020 along with my journey towards acquiring Celph Love. After a two-year journey, I've acknowledged that my true passion and purpose is to sow into others by uplifting and enlightening those who truly need and desire it the most. The best way I can accomplish this is by helping others heal, through my cooking. My goal is to teach others the importance of prioritizing celph care and listening to your body when it speaks to you. True Celph Love begins with prioritizing your health. Ask yourself what's more important than your health.


How did Chef Celph Love's Passion For Cooking begin?

My passion for cooking began long before I decided to transition to a plant-based lifestyle in 2015. Growing up I typically consumed the standard black American diet. This alone sparked something in me and made me question why was it that my parents only knew of these basic meals to prepare for us, I asked myself was it culture, tradition, or just lifestyle? Turned out to be all three but that didn't make it acceptable to the fact that I wasn't being introduced to different fruits and veggies.  As I grew older I decided to go my own route and experiment in the kitchen, it wasn't long before I decided to focus more on my health. I was encouraged by a family member of mine with whom I grew up and sadly passed away in 2021.

If it wasn't for the motivation that my cousin Josh brought me I wouldn't be writing this today. He always told me to invest in myself and my passion and I did just that about a few months after he went vegan I decided to do the same and I began to invest in my health in 2015. 

The Story Behind 504vegan Meal Service LLC

After transitioning to a plant-based diet it became more obvious that food deserts existed within my community. 

I decide to step up and make a difference, I did this by implementing pop-up shops during my off days.  

Before I ventured off as an entrepreneur I worked in multiple different hostipals and nursing homes in the dietary department during and before my transition towards a healthier lifestyle. From this experience, I was able to see the back end of what the hospital tends to label as food and nutrition.  I've witnessed dietitians make poor decisions for severely ill patients and some decions weren't made at all both resulting in death sooner than later. This factor alone had me frustrated and eager to quit, being knowledgeable about food and nutrition but also still contributing to what I am highly against had me heartbroken I couldn't bare working for another hospital again. March 2020 Is when I made the decision to venture off as an entrepreneur it's been a true learning experience since then. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Phone: 504-7881087

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